Karen Harvey Yoga, Yoga in Bracknell.

Karen Harvey Yoga, Yoga in Bracknell.

Karen Harvey Yoga, Yoga in Bracknell.Karen Harvey Yoga, Yoga in Bracknell.
Yoga, meditation, Sound therapy


A pain free body & a quiet mind

Meet me...


Yoga classes by Karen Harvey are uniquely designed to suit everybody, regardless of age, religion, cultural belief, ability, fitness or technical experience Karen believes, and teaches, that every single person has the innate capacity for enhancing their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

Stressed? Sad? Fatigued?


The stress, sadness and pressure that we all encounter in our daily lives inevitably hinders the body’s natural ability to heal itself and maintain balance. However, scientific research has proven that through the practice of yoga and meditation it is possible to kindle the body’s natural healing response, and ultimately allows the release of a full potential for wellness. This is the focus of every session led by Karen.  

Health! Happiness! Wholeness!


Through her calming and renewing therapeutic yoga practice and meditation sessions full support is given to the personal journey toward optimum health, happiness and wholeness. It is a thorough step-by-step process. Karen harvey yoga in Bracknell  will guide you through authentic and achievable postures and exercises, encouraging a mind-body connection to harness your natural energy, and at the same time, lead you through mediation and breathing techniques with the aim of restoring harmony, inner peace and relief from stress.   



There are a multitude of personal benefits attached to the practice of yoga but perhaps the greatest of all is that through the ancient method of participating wholly we can help to make the world in general a better place to live. 

Benefits of practicing yoga:  

  1. Increased restorative sleep
  2. Decreased anxiety and stress
  3. Symptom management of chronic diseases
  4. Increased energy, strength
  5. Decreasing the aging process 



Meditation quietens the mind! Through the sessions you will be guided through various types to find the one most suited to you. This includes guided meditation, mindfulness, candle gazing, affirmations, aroma therapy and Mala beads. 


Sound Therapy


You lay snuggled up in a blanket and pillow while the gong is played. (This is called a gong bath). The sound waves will wash over you and alter your brainwave frequency putting you into a state of meditation. On a physical level the sound waves can shatter damaged cells. Gong baths improve your physical and mental well being. 

Yoga In bed

Do you suffer from lower back pain or stiffness first thing in the morning?

Try this quick yoga routine...  

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Karen Harvey Yoga

07717 748927

Where to find me

Tuesdays- Farley Wood Community Hall  8pm

Wednesdays - Bracknell Leisure Centre 9.30 am

Thursdays - Martins Heron community hall  1.30pm

Fridays - Bracknell Leisure Centre  10.30am

For more information please look at my timetables and event page.