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Meet me...

Why meditate?

Why meditate?


Hi my name is Karen Harvey

I am really passionate about Yoga, meditation, food and the outdoors.

With thirty years of knowledge in well-being, i love to share what i have learnt.

I live on a houseboat on the Thames and enjoy a very simple but healthy lifestyle, i love nothing more than to cycle along the towpath, swim in the river or forage for dandelions to make honey.

I have just started to make my own organic products, scrubs, candles, lip ,balms and a rose face care range, in a nutshell i love life.

Why meditate?

Why meditate?

Why meditate?


Modern day living

The pace of most people's lives is extremely fast, rushing and multi tasking, combine this with convenience food, our bodies become stressed and toxic, energy levels drop and the mind races with the thoughts of the tasks ahead.

Meditation really can help, firstly you will need to learn some breathing techniques to help quieten the mind, its not easy but it is worthwhile, i would say essential to well being.

Click here to join me online via Zoom every Monday evening at 8 pm for 45 mins of breath work and meditation for FREE.

Sound therapy

Why meditate?

Sound therapy


Gong Bath

Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, including our bodies.

Sound therapy creates vibrations,which gently massage molecules back into the right places, clearing blockages and restoring harmony.

Long ago shamans recognized the power of sound, using drumming and chants to heal people, today gongs are used to create the sound vibrations needed for healing.

All you have to do is lye down and be comfortable whilst the gong is played, the sound waves will change the frequency of your brain and send you into a dreamy meditative state where profound healing can occur.

Book for up to 4 people

Contact me to book.


Sound Therapy

Sound therapy


Yoga without breath and focus is merely exercise

I teach authentic yoga classes  paying attention to breath, focus, alignment and awareness, bringing mind, body and spirit into unison.

I use hands on adjustments for my students that wish them.

Yoga strengthens the physical body, de stresses the mind, cleanses through the

respiratory system, releases tension in muscles, increases flexibility and stabilizes joints.

WOW all in one class. 

I teach regular classes and i am available for 121 sessions.


Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy


Meditation quietens the mind! Through the sessions you will be guided through various types to find the one most suited to you. This includes guided meditation, mindfulness, candle gazing, affirmations, aroma therapy and Mala beads. 


Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy


You lay snuggled up in a blanket and pillow while the gong is played. (This is called a gong bath). The sound waves will wash over you and alter your brainwave frequency putting you into a state of meditation. On a physical level the sound waves can shatter damaged cells. Gong baths improve your physical and mental well being. 

Yoga In bed

Do you suffer from lower back pain or stiffness first thing in the morning?

Try this quick yoga routine...  

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Karen Harvey Yoga

07717 748927

Where to find me

Tuesdays- Farley Wood Community Hall  8pm

Wednesdays - Bracknell Leisure Centre 9.30 am

Thursdays - Martins Heron community hall  1.30pm

Fridays - Bracknell Leisure Centre  10.30am

For more information please look at my timetables and event page.